Spain / Trip Planning


…Let me start from the beginning.

On Friday I came home after a stressful week and the first thing I did was look at plane tickets to Spain. I’ve already whined on here about how much I miss traveling. I had been tracking those tickets for months, but the more miserable I got, the more I found myself looking.

I immediately noticed was that they had dropped in price. Wow, I thought. If I budget myself for once I could actually afford this.

Usually at this point common sense would prevail and I’d go back to watching Law and Order SVU. There was no way I could do a 6 month trip to South America in October and still go to Spain for a few weeks in May.

But then…I started to think.

Last year I had been on the brink of doing something similar. I had found a dirt cheap flight to Barcelona and thought about spending New Year’s there. For one reason or another I backed out and waited to go until June. The money for that trip ended up going towards Vegas, a place I like but didn’t need to see a third time, and a bunch of stupid shit, like tanning packages and gourmet hummus with pita chips.

Then…I thought some more.

I’m 25 years old. After school ends in May, I have nothing tying me down here…but I don’t know how much longer that will be the case. None of my friends can take 3 weeks off work.

I was on the brink, and then I thought about what it would be like if I DIDN’T go: every single day would be spent working and thinking about what I was missing out on.

Oh my god, that was all I needed. I grabbed my credit card and bought the ticket in a rush, not even checking to see if the dates were right. I did it fast so I wouldn’t have time to turn back. And then I clicked Confirm for the sale.

The computer took FOREVER.

I screamed when I saw the confirmation page, and then I jumped up and down all around my apartment, and then I put on Avicii and I danced by myself, and then I jumped some more, and I screamed, and then I cried.

I fixed my insane appearance and left to babysit. “So how have you been?” the mother asked me.

“Well, it was a really bad week, so I bought a ticket to Spain.”


Spain, I can’t wait to see you again, and lie face-down in the sand all alone, phoneless, on some beach in Andalucía.



16 thoughts on “I’M GOING BACK TO SPAIN!

  1. Love this! I hate saying this because it is so overused these days but you only live once and seeing the world and gaining all these memories and experiences versus just things and items is the way to live. Excited for you!

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    • I’m still not sure! Cordoba is one of my “maybes,” I’ve never been there before and it looks beautiful but I’m not sure if I’ll be heading that way yet! I actually WAS thinking about doing Ibiza again so if I do I’ll let you know! So I’m guessing you’ve been to Spain before? Where did you go?

  3. I’ve missed Andalucia ever since the day I left, 11/22/91! But, I’ll be going back next year, and about time. One of the two best places I’ve ever spent any amount of time. This trip I’ll try to spend a few days in Sevilla, hopefully exploring the barrios around the university.

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