New Jersey

The Zombie Walk!!!

So this past weekend I actually went out around NJ, and I couldn’t have picked a better time to stick around. Why? Because of the Asbury Park Zombie Walk! This was the fifth year, and literally thousands of zombies/zombie killers/”survivors” marched down the boardwalk.

It started as early as 10 am, and people could come and get their make-up done by professionals or buy zombie gear. Bands played throughout the night and venders set up tables or stands on the boardwalk to sell their jewelry, artwork, t-shirts, and other items, whether zombie-related or not.

A lot of people really went all out:

But I…did not. I don’t have any pictures of all of us yet but let’s just say that I looked like a drag queen with a blood-splattered shirt, and I went to 7-11 alone that night after forgetting what I looked like.

But being on the boardwalk, surrounded by the crowd (…of zombies), listening to the music, hearing people laughing/yelling/jeering, and smelling the fried food from the stands made me feel nostalgic. I’m a little sad that I’ve been missing out on this the past 2 summers. The New Jersey shore has gotten such a bad rep from the show, but it’s one of my favorite places. For me, summer doesn’t really start until you’re driving south down the GSP. Just another reason why I’m looking forward to being home this time (and duh, 4th of July).

On an unrelated note, seeing all the zombie kids playing on the playground was one of the cutest, strangest things I’ve ever seen.

And this:

All photo credit goes to DOCTAH PAHPAH


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