This is not supposed to be a travel blog!!

So I skipped class to catch up on homework and instead ended up watching the Real Housewives of NJ reunion and alternately laughing and crying while eating chocolate. I feel like I’m becoming a stereotype.

And then–what happens every single time I sit down to do something else–I clicked on a travel link. That led me to a blog, which led me to more links, then I was researching round-the-world trip budgets.

I am obsessed. All of my school notebooks from the past 2 years have itineraries and budget lists in the margins. I have scraps of paper all over the place filled with tips, airline deals, towns, hostels, and tours. Last spring, I was working on 3 different itineraries–the second Europe trip I was about to take, the South America trip I would take in 2013, and a Southeast Asia trip that I probably wouldn’t do for another few years.

I dug through a few journals last night (hence the last entry) and found this:


My life is not bad, it’s just not where I want it to be. I’m not doing anything I love. So many obstacles. I have choices but they don’t feel like them.”

This was two months before I started planning my first backpacking trip. I had never done a trip like that before and at that point it didn’t even feel like a choice, an option, because I couldn’t imagine going on my own and I didn’t think I could save the money.

Then I did. I hate to sound all preachy but it helped to fill a void. I had just come out of a serious relationship when I wrote that entry, and one reason we had issues was because I was way too dependent on him. I didn’t have many hobbies or passions–there was just him, really.

Then I started traveling, and I replaced one love with another.

But I can’t travel all the time. It’s not financially feasible and I miss home too much when I’m away. I can’t leave for the next trip for at least another year though (have to graduate at some point) so I need to do something that will  make me a little happier while I’m here.

I’m still figuring out what exactly that will be. In the meantime, there’s Hulu.


6 thoughts on “This is not supposed to be a travel blog!!

  1. If you do well, then just do it.
    If you feel well doing it, just do it.

    This is blogging… if you observe how I blog, it’s about the same with you…

    Just blog, the whole idea is… happy can already. LOL~

    All the best!

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  3. I know the feeling, but it just gets harder once you graduate! When I was a student I used to take 4 months every summer to get out of the ordinary but now I’m married and have to work a job, and figure out how to travel with only 3 weeks off each year. It’s sucks, haha!

    • Haha that’s what I’m worried about!! If I want to do another long-term trip again then I have to do it before I enter the Real World…preferably before my student loan payments start ;).

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